Community Task – My experiences with this E-Learning 3.0 course

       I don’t know what your reaction was to the receipt of the two online surveys asking for feedback on E-learning 3.0, but I trashed both. To soon to say which part of the course I liked the best since we were not even halfway through it.
     However, this week’s task, Roland’s approach to writing about our experience and Jenny’s reflective post on her course experience has prompted me to pass along my two cents (and consensus to the task).
     I have participated in Stephen’s C-MOOCs since CCK08 and this one has a different feel. It seems a bit more intimate and I have enjoyed reading Jenny’s and Laura’s reflections and thoughtful comments.
     Stephen’s resources have always been my favorite piece of his MOOCs as they have exposed me to topics I wouldn’t normally explore on my own.
     The very technical nature of the topics is of less interest. Instead, the implications of how these technologies will shape the trajectory of our lives are my main interest. Trying to understand the primary, secondary and tertiary implication are what makes it worth the time (the insights from others is very helpful).
     The specific weekly tasks have focused me to think about the implications and the corresponding posts by Jenny and Laura have provided a quiet reflective conversation to parse through the uncertainties and concerns.
     As I commented earlier, concerns of trust, security, privacy, virus, scams, bad actors, etc. are issues that are not just applicable to a centralized or decentralized but to the future of a distributed network.
     Mentally I have moved towards the idea of reclaiming my internet identity by exploring some of the capability of these 3.0 tools and attempting to place them into my workflow practices (still a work in progress).

Thanks Frank

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  1. I too have enjoyed that this ‘MOOC’ has been more intimate. The smaller number of active participants has allowed more ‘space’ for thinking and reflecting. There were so many people in CCK08, it was overwhelming.

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