“Giving back” to my “Community” became a priority in my retirement. This  led to an interested in stormwater  eight years ago and its effects on the county’s water quality and ultimately its impact on the Chesapeake Bay.  For the  the last three years I have served as the Jamestowne Districta member on the county’s Stormwater Advisory Committe. This has led two years ago to  an  appointment to our James City County Planning Commission for  the Jamestowne  District. My focus is on future land use for our growing and vibrant community The challenge is maintaining its historical heritage, balancing growth while at the same time protecting the environment and retaining the county’s rural character. That’s why the category  James City Shire in 1634.

Between all of this I supply the “blue collar labor” for my wife’s antique buisness , Juno Designs . That was part of the retirement plan we decided on 20 years ago so that we would have something to do together.

When I started up this new WordPress site, I thought I would talk about what I am “doin” these days, which is just “stuff ” that interest me and that may make a difference. But the fun is really about the discoveries along the way as I jump down through the rabbit hole trying to understand the topic at hand and make some sense out of the connective web of information.

Thanks Frank

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