“Giving back” to my “Community” became a priority in my retirement and I still remain active in the learning, education, training and performance support space. I attribute George Siemens and Stephen Downes with their CCK08 and connectivism as the impetus for my continued involvement in this area. My first effort at WEB 2.0 technologies was my CCK08  blog post and now again here with Elearn30.

I am active with the IEEE Learning Training Standards Committee  (LTSC), focused on the development of learning standards and you can see what we are up to here.  The commitment to LTSC started with its predecessor, LETSI -Learning Education Training Systems Interoperability in 2012 as we sought to look at learning standards in the age of Web 2.0.  I would like to think we at LTSC are addressing learning standards for WEB 3.0 – data governance, privacy, learning analytics with xAPI, AR, AI, competency and mobile learning.

“Giving back” to my “Community” locally led to an interested in stormwater and its effects on my county’s water quality and ultimately its impact on the Chesapeake Bay.  This has led to my appointment to our James City County Planning Commission, with a focus on future land use for our growing and vibrant community The challenge is maintaining its historical heritage, which dates back to its founding as James City Shire in 1634.

When I started up this new WordPress site, I thought I would talk about what I am “doin” these days, which is just “stuff ” that interest me and that may make a difference. But the fun is really about the discoveries along the way as I jump down through the rabbit hole trying to understand the topic at hand and make some sense out of the connective web of information, something like Siemens and Downes connectivism.

Thanks Frank

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