Tidewater Virginia

In Tidewater Virginia, February is the time, not January when the temperatures dip into the twenties with wind chills in the teens. It is only for a few days but it makes you wonder what it was like in James City Shire in 1634 let alone in James Town with the northeast winds driving from the James River.

If we get any snow it’s about this time and it varies from a dusting to six inches or more. As the month goes on heading into March I start to get the concern about the possibility of an ice storm. Williamsburg is on a “fall line” between snow or ice while if you go twenty minutes down the Peninsula it’s rain while heading towards Richmond it’s snow. The problem with ice storms like hurricanes that come through here is that you tend to lose power for a few days – ugly.

This morning as I rolled over at 4 AM and look towards the bedroom window. It seemed lighter out the window and it did not make sense since it is a new moon. Well at 6 AM I rousted the dogs out of bed to go outside and was greeted with a heavy dusting of white powder snow that now explained it. I took out the snow shovel and broom and cleared off the walkway and cars of snow.


WiFi is still very much a pup, getting right in front of the snow shovel and biting and grabbing at the broom. I think he thinks he is helping. To try to burn off some of that puppy energy, we have enrolled WiFi in a half day play- care program. He was interviewed by the staff to see how he behaved with the other dogs and passed and had his first play date last Friday. We picked him up at noon and on his report card “Plays nice with other dogs” was checked. We were happy to see that he was worn out and he spent the rest of the day napping leaving Holly in peace to nap herself. We are going try two days a week for his play date starting this week and I will keep you posted on his progress.

I am in the second week of my ESRI “Do-It-Yourself- Geo Apps” online course. I have taken a couple of their courses over the last two years to better see how I might apply GIS technology to stormwater issues in the county. Here is one of my homework assignments and I am working on an iPhone app that is an input form to catalog water quality conditions in James City County and it will identify locations needing to be added attention. When I finish it I will send it along for you to see. The course is centered on the idea of government transparency by using GIS and making the data available for viewing or crowdsourcing data e.g locations of potholes or graffiti that require repair based on citizen input.



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