Do-It-Yourself Geo Apps MOOC

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I took the ESRI Do-It-Yourself Geo Apps course because I wanted to see if I could build a GIS app for either an IOS or Android. The app would be downloadable from the Apple’s App Store or Googles Play Store.
The idea that I had in mind was to tie the my James City County’s stormwater program projects with  a measurable outcome besides the reduction of pollutants. I do believe  that it is about water quality. To that end, I wanted to try and develop a water quality monitoring data entry app for an iPhone or Android.  There are really two halves to the app. There is the data gathering input app and  the display of the data on a GIS map.
I have a sample of what this could look like for you to see.
Here is the data Entry Form , which you can fill out yourself from this web page. The date is automatic, and you do have to fill out the complete form. Some fields require a number and will not let you enter letters. At the end, you confirm the GIS location of the data. You can also attach pictures or additional documents. I used the “Modified Method (Rocky Bottom) Data Entry Form as a sample to develop the form.
The data format shown on the data entry form would be a downloadable application.  For example, an Apple App downloadable from the Apple App store and then the App used as a data entry form on your iPhone or iPad. The data, when submitted from the iPhone or iPad, will then automatically populate an ARC Online GIS Map. You do not have to have  an internet connection to use the form but you will have to have one to submit the form.
Here is the-the display on a GIS Map in a slide presentation mode. There are two slides and on the second slide, it displays the data. If you scroll to the bottom, you will see two attachments a photo and a document which you can open by clicking on them. There is also a summary display GIS map here that adds the total input of each of the 40 plus fields eg total number of Mayflies etc.
If you do fill out the Data entry forum and submit it, it will automatically populate my working dummy GIS Map
I have not figured out yet how to download the data into a CSV or Excel spreadsheet.

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